Getting Past Target=_blank

Abe Fettig writes:

Im interested in switching away from Cingular wireless, so today I went to to look for some info on their wireless plans. Clicking the Wireless link on the home page brought me to this page, which tells me to go to to learn about Verizons wireless offerings. But when I clicked the link to, it popped up a new window instead of taking me directly there. Theyre using target=_blank. Thank you, Verizon, for keeping me from foolishly leaving After all, is a different site, and apparently the concept of a link to anywhere outside makes Verizon a little uncomfortable. Theyre willing to acknowledge that under certain circumstances a person might wish to have a second site up in their browser in addition to, but they certainly arent going to facilitate anyones leaving (even when the destination is another Verizon site).

Its a little thing, but its a telling example of the kind of cluelessness and lack of attention to detail that seems to characterize phone companies.

Fettig wrote a book on Twisted, a networking framework written in python.