Let’s Abolish the Marriage Bribe!

Looks like Texans who don’t like gay-marriage need to proofread their constitutional amendments. Update: It looks like this idiotically-worded amendment will pass by a margin of 2 to 1 according to one political scientist.

Here’s my take. Grammar and social implications aside, we should not be offering incentives for lifestyle choices. Conservatives like to frame the issue: we should not be rewarding people who do these vile things in the privacy of their homes. I would turn it around: we should not be giving a “marriage bribe” to anyone. If married people want to marry, let them do it, but they should not feel entitled to special benefits from the state as a result. I for one am weary of married people complaining about the “marriage penalty” whatever the hell that is. Married people pay higher taxes because their combined income is higher. No mystery there. To “solve” the marriage penalty, the IRS should publish rates for individual and household, giving taxpayers the option to pay their taxes under either category (whichever is to their advantage).

Henry Cisneros already plead guilty to some minor ethical lapses long ago, and yet an independent prosecutor is spending 2 million dollars of taxpayer money a year to investigate it. Apparently, this investigation has gone on for 10 years and cost $20 million.