More Complaints about PDF

Bruce Eckel complains about PDF

Another thing that makes me worry about Adobe: Acrobat has always been very slow to start up; it’s one of the painful things about using the product. But Adobe has never, apparently, felt the need to speed it up, even when there has been (apparently for several years) at least one addon tool that speeds up your Acrobat startup, the Adobe Reader SpeedUp. I’ve used this for a year or two and it’s been great; it’s really reduced the pain of using Acrobat. So if someone can write a tool that, from the outside without the source code, can manipulate Acrobat and speed it up, why wouldn’t Adobe improve their own product to be faster? It’s no wonder I’m concerned about what will happen to Flash.

BTW, I downloaded that acrobat reader speedup tool. Seems to work fine.