Justifying the Obvious

Deborah points out the obvious: why court oversight of Gitmo is good for the USA

Only through the Supreme Courts intervention has an apparently innocent U.S. citizen held in solitary detention been set free. Only through the courts intervention have Guantanamo prisoners been afforded any process at all by which to challenge the legality of their detention. Only by dint of court order was the administration compelled to reveal a raft of documents demonstrating that torture and abuse in U.S. facilities were not limited to the actions of a few bad apples at Abu Ghraib, but rather were features of dozens of U.S. detention facilities worldwide (to date more than a half-dozen prisoners have allegedly been tortured to death). In a field where, until now, Congress has been inactive at best, the courts have been an indispensable bulwark against the vagaries of unchecked, and largely unquestioned, executive power.