Run to Jay’s Fast!

Brett Spackman, in a Interview about his wacky documentary Run to Jay’s: Tournament of Champions

Brett: One really important aspect is the actual purchase of the soda. We used to wait to give the money to the cashier and get change back. That quickly changed when one of the guys ran and there were a bunch of people in there. He got all stressed out so he just laid the money down on the counter, grabbed the Coke and ran out. That became the way to do it. You just run in with exact change and you slam it down you don’t care who’s there, you don’t even care if the cashier’s there, and you run out and bolt home.

Other rules that developed over time were: not crossing the neighbor’s yard because of the flower garden, and — essentially the contest has no rules. Get down there as fast as you can and book back as fast as you can, but don’t get hit by a car.

The details:

About seven cameras in all — there’s a jib that we built for some of the street shots and a good length of dolly track that we ran for the first stretch of the race. It was fun for us to figure out how we were going to dynamically cover this race in a way that would be engaging to watch, and kinetic, and demonstrate how fast these people are moving, and how tired they are upon their return.

A trailer to the film (which is only 1 minute of a 20 minute vid) is available.