Plone in New Orleans again

Because I’m in the middle of 1)moving, 2)migrating webhosts, 3)holidays, 4)migrating PC’s and 5)ordering a videocam, I’ve been ignoring plone stuff for the last few months. I don’t even try to keep up with the mailing lists (though I did notice that Guido is hopping onboard the google train though.

I just wanted to point out that the plone guys are having a conference next March in New Orleans. Money and time might preclude my going (although I’m definitely tempted!), but bravo to the plone foundation for taking the initiative to make a conference at a time when New Orleans really needs tourist dollars. I had an amazing time there two years ago for another plone conference, and would love to see some of the people again. Then again, going there would mean losing 3 days of valuable development time. At some point you just have to stop talking and start doing. (This goes back to my point earlier this week about how you need to allow adequate time post-conference to try out the things you hear about, something I confess to not doing well).