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Ok, I have a dirty little secret to confess: I’ve started putting links on del.ic.ious . Speaking of which, I’ve noticed that is using folksonomies for their online profiles. It doesn’t work altogether great right now; users haven’t figured out what it’s all about, but I suspect it will be considered a standard feature from now on. (Kudos to Ben Brown for hatching the idea).

Kristin Hersh (aka throwing muses) has her own blog and free download site.

WordPress is being used on yahoo hosting, according to Matt. By the way, I’ll be switching webhosts within the next 2 weeks. In about two months, I’ll sign on to a permanent webhosting solution, but I’ll be relying on a two month solution while I transition to a bigger site. I’m trying to get out of the system admin business and intro the writing/programming business.

Today, I bought my HDR-HC1 camera, so this weblog will eventually have video clips. Don’t worry, I won’t drown people with too much inane content (not at first anyway).

I’ve been busy, busy, busy (and will be so for the next 3 months or so), but yesterday I heard a powerful audio interview with Joyce Carol Oates and saw the first part of a great movie, Alexandria..Why? Here’s a URL to the Oates interview, but you might have to go to the main KCRW Bookworm page to get it to work