Worst Movies

100 Worst Movies of all Time

I can’t decide what the worst movie I’ve ever seen. I’m thinking “Andre Rublev.” That’s an odd thing to say, because Tarkovsky of course is a god and Solaris was outstanding. I recognized there was talent there. It was just long and slow for no apparent reason. A lot of “bad movies” are simply overdone and either too violent or offensive. Also, some films can rely on some pretentious effect or be too self-righteous to be enjoyable (i.e., 1984). I also despised Kill Bill 2 for reasons I’ve mentioned already.

I’m also a big nonfan of American Wedding and Porky’s. Actually, it’s easy to avoid bad movies (except on airplanes of course!), but you have to be willing to give some movies the benefit of the doubt despite what the critics say. Some movies just come out at the wrong time or are flawed for some reason (I’m thinking Last Action Hero), and yet are perfectly worthwhile movies. You just have to overlook the idiosyncracies. Some great directors (bergman, kurosawa, scorsese) do mediocre films, especially things which are remakes/sequels/biopics.