My Last Post (For a While)

Tonight, I will begin the process of migrating my content and weblogs to a commercial service. During that time, I will not be updating the weblog until the migration is complete. I can’t predict when that will be. Hopefully by the weekend if I’m lucky.

So check back with me in a few days, and things will be back to normal (almost).

Also, my DSL service won’t be turned on until next Wednesday or Thursday, so postings will be very light (I will have Net access at work.

Robert Jamison on quitting your dayjob and starting some Web businesses. Lots of great ideas in the article and the ensuing discussion.

This is lame, but don’t try to innovate too much. Innovation is great if you’ve got cash to burn on advertising and late-night snacks for your all-night testing/bug-fixing sessions, but an incremental improvement of an old idea is easier to code, easier to sell and is more likely to interest people. That said, don’t try to improve what already is done really well, your “” search engine idea is destined for failure.