Robbed At Gunpoint: #2

I spent all day yesterday cancelling credit cards and getting replacement ID. A good 12 hours after I reported the incident I realized I had completely forgotten to call in the corporate Amex card (which I rarely use).

Although I have access to my bank account now, I have neither debit nor credit cards, so it is impossible to buy anything on the web until I receive my new cards (7-10 days). Somehow, I think modern technology is capable of more celerity.

When you call in to report your cards as stolen, telephone reps will start off by asking, “Do you know your card number?”

“Well, no,” I reply. “I just had the cards stolen, so how would I know that information?”

They ask that question every time, and every time I give the same reply, a ritual exchange repeated practically everytime someone calls in. Realistically, the companies must know it’s unlikely for consumers to have this information at their fingertips, but there is always that hope.
My assaulters had a chance to use the card to fill their gas tank, an oversized pickup truck. That vehicle’s gas tank must require a lot of robberies.