Getting Lingua Franca from

Lingua Franca is (was) a mainstream academic publication with generally strong writing. Apparently, the online Lingua Franca is now archived, albeit in a not too searchable form. Still, online is better than offline, and I look forward to browsing through it.

Update: It looks like this is the doing of Aaron Schwartz who wrote a script called arcget, a way of retrieving bunches of archived files from wayback machine and then stripping the headers.

This is one way of solving the problem of archiving defunct database-backed websites, and if you leave aside the IP issues, it offers a lot of practical value for converting things to ebook-friendly format (though according to Roger Sperberg, one of Plucker’s original intent was precisely to archive websites into portable formats.
Here in Houston, where Wifi is as rare as fuel-efficient automobiles, portable devices are useful not so much for connectivity but their ability to bring reading into new contexts (a car, a restaurant, an airplane).

Aaron Schwartz is an avid python programmer & open source guru I met at a recent SXSW.