Conference Faux Pas

I am typing this from my brand new Thinkpad T43 laptop. I just received it three days ago and haven’t had time to configure anything anyway. I’ll be totally reconfiguring it next week with Fedora 5 Test Build 3 is out. (Actually the final release will be March 15).

That is why I am using a Windows laptop, which is the ultimate in uncool at a developer conference.

I just finished David Goodger half day course on python text processing. At one point, Goodger was talking about unicode, UTF-8 and was talking about some peculiarity of python on windows.

“Does anyone here have Windows so maybe I can show you what Windows does?”

Total silence in the room.

“Anyone?” he repeats?

My neighbor points to me, and announces, “Here’s somebody who has Windows.”

Everyone turns around and stares at me. An impostor is among us, they must be thinking.

Luckily, during the break, my accuser lends me an Ubuntu Live CD which lets me “pretend” to use ubuntu. (and actually, it’s kind of cool). Didn’t figure out how to configure wireless (now, that would have been ubercool!), but I put my notes on a keychain drive.
At the next session, an attendee invites me to play Go and collate conference packet handouts. Oh, gotta love those Python geeks!