Why not a Gimp book?

While reading a Slashdot book review about Linux Multimedia Hacks, I wondered aloud why no one hasn’t written an up-to-date gimp book. Well, it seems that someone has (or will) . Looks like the idea for this book came from a Linux Chic email course . The author Akkana Peck has a weblog and is actively involved in linux development. Here’s a list of her favorite gimp links.
Curiously, her blog (powered by pyblosxom) has no working RSS feed (at least not one detectable by bloglines).

I am still a novice at graphic design, but I switched to Windows gimp two years ago, if only for basic photo editing. Over time, I’ve aquired a small bit of knowledge, and my video projects make it probably a good time to expand my proficiency on this.