Month: March 2006

  • Simple File Sharing vs. Windows Permissions (XP Home Edition)

    Well, I just learned something about XP that has bitten me in the butt. I bought XP home edition for my PC. For this install I am setting up a version of Plone, a content management system. Now this is not a longterm solution (I’ll be normally running it from a Linux box), but one…

  • SXSW 2006 Diaries & Houston Events

    I’ve been busy with lots of things, but you might be interested in my diaries about attending SXSW. I finished the last installment a few days ago. Interestingly, several other groups have started in Houston to capitalize on SXSW momentum. Refresh Houston is a meeting of web developers and BarCamp Houston . I like…

  • Web Server Up

    Fyi, my web server was down for a few days. Apparently I use more bandwidth than I thought. Nothing serious.

  • Supporting the Troops: How much?

    Jane Merrick worries about whether she is  supporting the troops adequately: I read in the paper that a lot of the troops are complaining about the war, and want to come home. They’re putting their lives on the line. It’s my duty to support them, but I get confused. What message am I sending the…

  • Tags are a Pain in the Ass (or Butt or Rear, Etc)

    Chris Casciano on the problem of “tagginess“: Well, here’s a “short” list of tags I ran across in the last week used to designate the event: For SXSW: sxsw sxswi sxsw06 sxswi06 sxsw 2006 sxsw2006 sxswi2006 sxswi 2006 SXSW Interactive South by Southwest On another note, I have still not added the technorati plugin to…

  • In Praise of Kinky (and Kinkiness)

    Jay Lee on why Texans are favoring Kinky Friedman for governor. (Note to my future grandchildren reading this: Kinky is a minor colorful politician who tried to run for Texas governor and was quickly forgotten afterwards): No one I have talked to can really say why they’re for Kinky…what he stands for or what we…

  • Mechanics of Sex in Second Life

    This is definitely NOT safe for work (there’s graphic images), but here’s an essay about how to program your avatar to have sex in various video games: First, some terminology. In Second Life, your character can be put into “poses”. Basically, this is an animation created in Poser or some other movement/animation program. You create…

  • Weblog Client Editors: Why We Need Them

    The last few days I’ve been using the movable type for Techblog. As an editorial environment, it sucks because you are constantly having to switch back and forth from preview mode to edit mode. To make things easier,I just create in Word Press and use their rich text editor, which not only contains a preview…

  • SXSW Day 1 Can we trust them? How much do we share?

    (Liveblogging from SXSW Interactive conference in Austin. See previous posts. This post Originally appeared on techblog)  

  • SXSW Day 1: Toy Soldiers

    First posted on Techblog 

  • The Dirt on Spam

    A local friend, Roman Zimmerman, tells me that my new domain is penalized by spamasassin. Gosh,that doesn’t seem nice. The reason why this domain is subject to more spamming is because they are cheaper. Isn’t that a good thing?  Michael Tomasky makes a political science quiz .

  • The Geek’s Burden

      The Geek’s Burden . Annotations on the flickr page. Originally uploaded by rjnagle. This is a test post.

  • How to Fit in At SXSW

    The article below originally appeared on the Houston Chronicle’s Techblog 

  • Do You Remember

    Do you remember the first time you watched “Singing in the Rain” on the VCR or the DVD and you came across Donald O’Connor’s astounding dance number, “Make Them Laugh.” Be honest, did you stop the VCR, rewind and watch it again? How many times?

  •, a Storytelling Podcast

    Another domain I’m starting, Nothing there yet, and I don’t expect it to be going strong until May. However, in about a week or so I’ll be placing basic information there.

  • Robert Nagle Resume & Portfolio

    Here’s a link to the resume for Houston Technical Writer Robert Nagle. Nothing there yet.