Why Weblogging Sucks

I just spent a good hour composing the best post ever! All sorts of random goodies. And then the browser crashed before I saved. Thanks, firefox! Actually, the underlying problem was that I tried to download an 50 mb mp3 file which idiotically Apple has decided I want to listen to inside the browser rather than download it (thanks Itunes!)

I will be hard-pressed to reconstitute this post. I just wanted to say how furious I am . Update: it looks like one of my Firefox extensions for downloading has disabled the Firefox options for specifying actions for downloading. Thanks, firefox!

Incidents like this reveal the necessity of separating the editor from the damn browser page.

Well, it looks like I remember most of the links I was writing although I’ll never be able to recreate a few paragraphs.

I will solve this nasty problem and report back.