Gimp, Net Neutrality and Astroturf

A few quick notes:

Akkana Peck’s book on Gimp is finally released. I never realized how much I needed this book (I’m trying to do basic photo touching up today). I expect to study this book closely. Here’s a small summary about graphic formats and on the Apress page you have a sample chapter (PDF, 38 pages on Touching/Editing Photos). Also, here’s a link to more non-Akkana tutorials.

Playboy’s 25 Sexiest Novels ever written. NSFW. Update: Suzie Bright has a NSFW post about the making of this list. Other readers contribute opinions.

Cog notices a disturbing pattern in net neutrality comments . This was in reaction to his original reservations about embracing net neutrality legislation (quite a good piece btw). I posted a comment, and he accused me of “lacking imagination.” Now, that’s a first.