Month: July 2006

  • Sex in Space?

    Humor: Sex in Space (safe for work).

  • About to Die?

    Valleywag on Why YouTube is about to die. Some great soothing droning electronica 

  • Bush’s Fallacies, Bush’s Lies

    Easter Lemming liberal dissects the logic behind Bush’s defense of Israel.

  • Gimmick for More Traffic (Part 2)

    Give away free stuff every week (according to Tom Tomorrow). You create interest in readers, not to mention PR people willing to promote their book.

  • Redirecting Bandwidth

    The flaw in YouTube (and implicitly in Digg): Embedding a YouTube video in your personal blog, then submitting it to Digg. PS., put a lot of google ads, so you can enjoy the boost in traffic. Here’s an example.  (I did NOT look at this video).

  • File Association Absurdities

    Apple and MS both tried to hide file associations from users when you are looking at directories. I can’t tell you the number of times this has brought disasters. For example, today in one directory I found two files called 99er13; one is an HTML page; another is an XHTML page. So what the heck…

  • Not Like the others?

    Here’s a list of book publication credits for Shannon Agarmain, a woman who writes adult romance/erotica. Quick, can anyone tell me which of these books is not like the others? Here are some sample bits of creative writing: a bizarre story about snowmen and sex and a poem about working at a blood bank: Now…

  • Are You Safer than You Were 4 Years Ago?

    I’ve long condemned the policies and actions of the Israeli government, but today after watching ABC’s This Week (and hearing the lame rationalizations of the Israeli ambassador), I was struck by the similarities between the world views of Israel and USA. Both think that terrorism provides an absolute rationalization for military action. Both think that…

  • back again

    back again Originally uploaded by lightpainter. Another lovely photo!

  • Pasado, presente y futuro

    Pasado, presente y futuro Originally uploaded by puppet_of_time1. Wow, lovely photo!

  • Parodies outlive the songs

    Wikipedia entry on American Pie. Wow, I didn’t realize the lyrics were so carefully chosen. Wierd Al Yankovic does a Star Wars parody on the song.  From Wikipedia entry on that: The song managed to give an accurate account of the film, even though the song was written before the film was released. Yankovic says…

  • Making Sense of Font-Families & Moving from Static HTML to Blogger

    After reading an informative reply to my question about fonts on the screen , I’ve spent an hour or two investigating fonts on the web and realize that my skimpy knowledge needed updating. Here’s survey information on which fonts people have on their PCs. Esperfonto, a font-chooser. Designer Will Harris has lots of good material…

  • Top News Stories

    Scott Adams of Dilbert fame predicts the top news stories for the summer: 1. It is hot! 2. There’s trouble in the Middle East! 3. The stock market is down, just like every summer! 4. Cars that will never come to market get great mileage! 5. Osama is still hiding! 6. President Bush said something…

  • Recipes and XML

    I’ve been doing research for a recipe ebook I plan to release in about a month or so. Here’s a cool recipe site with RSS feeds . Two other recipe sites that are harder to navigate through: allrecipes and epicurious. Also, here’s a flickr recipe photo group and a flickr discussion thread about favorite foodblog.…

  • Syncing and Albums: the problem

    I haven’t been very good at syncing stuff, although I expect to have progress on it eventually. I have a Shared Documents folder containing mp3s (I Have XP Home Edition) until I realized that these are actually virtual files (and I was storing the real versions on various hard drives). I’ve been gradually moving files…

  • The Haptics of Reading

    Book designer Carl W. Scarbrough on the haptics of reading:(haptics means “having to do with the sense of touch”). One of my stock answers to this sort of question is that at Godine we remain dedicated to the printed page, but that’s an oversimplification. The long answer is that (and here I speak as a…