Are You Safer than You Were 4 Years Ago?

I’ve long condemned the policies and actions of the Israeli government, but today after watching ABC’s This Week (and hearing the lame rationalizations of the Israeli ambassador), I was struck by the similarities between the world views of Israel and USA. Both think that terrorism provides an absolute rationalization for military action. Both think that civilian deaths can be excused by saying that the other side started it. Both are absolutely convinced of their self-righteousness. Both seem to think that violation of sovereignty is justified whenever they decide that a neighboring state hasn’t been effective in curtailing their criminal elements. Both seem to think it is prima facie impossible for their own country to perpetrate an atrocity. This action was committed by a god-fearing nation; therefore it cannot be a war crime.

Amazingly, on another TV show I  hear poll results showing that despite the American public’s disenchantment with Bush, they generally give high marks on his handling of the Lebanon situation. Wait? How can that be? Bush has done diddly-squat. If anything, he he has enabled Isreali’s actions by publicly endorsing their right to retaliate.

On a more positive note, the Lebanon mess has distracted the public from Bush’s recent announcement of an increase in military deployments in Baghdad and Don Rumsfeld has implicitly conceded that Iraq is in a civil war. Today George Will gave advice to  the Democratic Party. They should ask this question in campaign commercials: Are You Safer than You Were 4 Years Ago?