Most Important Story of the Week

For those of you distracted by holidays and North Korea, here was the real bombshell of the week: according to Murray Waas, Bush was the one who authorized the Plame leak:,

Bush also told federal prosecutors during his June 24, 2004, interview in the Oval Office that he had directed Cheney, as part of that broader effort, to disclose highly classified intelligence information that would not only defend his administration but also discredit Wilson, the sources said.

But Bush told investigators that he was unaware that Cheney had directed I. LewisScooterLibby, the vice president’s chief of staff, to covertly leak the classified information to the media instead of releasing it to the public after undergoing the formal governmental declassification processes.

Bush also said during his interview with prosecutors that he had never directed anyone to disclose the identity of then-covert CIA officer Valerie Plame, Wilson’s wife. Bush said he had no information that Cheney had disclosed Plame’s identity or directed anyone else to do so.

What surprises me is that Bush was even involved in this kind of backbiting. It wouldn’t bother me so much if I knew that he had actually read Joe Wilson’ damning editorial. (That would have been good for the American people). More likely, some staffers and maybe Cheney related it to him secondhand, and got his verbal authorization to disclose evidence against it. You can’t let your proxies do work for you all the time.