Odds and Ends

10 Cliches in Stock Photographs

How to write a good resume for HR departments.

Matt Yglesias and Julian Sanchez talk about net neutrality on bloggingheads.tv They have interesting opinions, but frankly hearing any pundit talk for longer than 30 minutes can be tiring. Julian–stop smoking!
List of backup utilities and services.

Cunning Linguist, a sexually-explicit blog full of lots of advice, plus lots of comments by men and women (the writer is a woman). Definitely don’t read this at work!

Cunning (aka Steph) keeps up a mainstream STRAW (safe-to-read-at-work) haircut blog. It’s called Last Ditch. Here’s a rant about her recent unemployment.
How one China defense expert ends up setting the political agenda.

2 Free Tools: Gnash (open source flash player) and Gliffy, an online diagram maker.