Recipes and XML

I’ve been doing research for a recipe ebook I plan to release in about a month or so.

Here’s a cool recipe site with RSS feeds . Two other recipe sites that are harder to navigate through: allrecipes and epicurious. Also, here’s a flickr recipe photo group and a flickr discussion thread about favorite foodblog.

Here’s a homegrown recipe dtd and cookxml , a German standard with elements in English.

Here’s also a page on recipe microformats (examples only).

Here’s a grecipe-manager, a linux desktop application (which outputs into mealmaster and mastercook files).
My final destination is my PDA in offline mode as an ebook.

Recipe Repositories: Izzo’s recipes ; Glen’s MealMaster Archives (150,000+ Recipes in txt form), 15,000 RecipeML Recipes . Here’s a review of desktop recipe catalog applications . The best rated is Living Cookbook, and here’s external links on the LC website to external recipe repositories.