Changing “No Spin to Spin”

On the wikipedia page for Spin: I noticed this howler:

The American talk & radioshow-host [[Bill O’Reilly (commentator)|Bill O’Reilly]] calls his show the [[The O’Reilly Factor|No Spin Zone]] to emphazise his dislike of the phenomenon.

I added:

Parodoxically, because Oreilly’s journalism is frequently accused by U.S. media watchdog groups like Media Matters of providing a conservative political slant, the use of the phrase “No Spin” itself may in fact be an attempt to spin the news.

Let’s see how long this little edit lasts. Update: The addition was deleted within 24 hours.
Here’s one of my favorite sites. PRWatch is an anti-PR site that describes the most egregious examples of examples using public relations to hide bad things. Examples: anti-Gore videos linked to energy PR firms.

PRWatch founder John Stauber broke the scandal about Mad Cow Disease and the beef industry’s lukewarm response to it. He and Sheldon Rampton will soon publish the book The Best War Ever: Lies, Damned Lies, and the Mess in Iraq .