To clarify…

Oddly after posting my last thing–getting married (and blogging about it), the thought occurred to me that casual surfers might assume that the person getting married is in fact me. Obviously, that is not the case. (And how would I blog about it if it were me?) I’m reminded of the slashdot editor doing his marriage proposal as a slashdot story. Honestly, in these six years of blogging, I’ve come across so many posts of people announcing engagements, marriages, births, deaths, and yes, even cures from scary diseases. Compared to the busy lives of other people, my own life seems so extraordinarily dull. Yes, there was the robbed at gunpoint earlier this year, and I guess that’s somewhat interesting, but really, you can’t get robbed every week.

Blogposts are a way to mark time. That’s all. Yes, there will be major life events. Bah! So what! Most of the time my remarks or insights won’t be any more interesting than the millions of people who came before me.

As for marriage, I’m still saving myself for Barbara Feldon. Or maybe Cobie Smulders.






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