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First, I notice that the Charlie Rose show now has complete episodes on google video. Bravo! (One complaint: couldn’t they have made them downloadable mp3s too?)

I wanted to make you aware of a video documentary showing on PBS next week. I saw extended excerpts of it on PBS Now last Friday. I also saw an interview with the director. It looked fascinating.

The show is called My Country, My Country, and it’s about the family of an Iraqi doctor in the months leading up to the 2005 Iraqi elections. A female documentary maker spent 8 months living with the doctor’s family (consisting of 4 daughters and 2 sons). The doctor did human rights work after the war and ran for Parliament.

Actually though, the focus is not so much on the politics but how a typical educated Iraqi family lives during times of turmoil. It provides a much less filtered view of Iraqi life than you would see on an ordinary news show. In fact, the US military has been screening the documentary for its soldiers for its insights into the Iraqi culture.

Here’s how to find out when it’s showing in your area.



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