Reasons for watching a videoblog?

Following a digg thread about this weathergirl’s avatar, I have started listening/watching her videoblog, which is zany and entertaining. Besides being very pretty, she’s hilarious and fun to listen to. Is that what videoblogging is all about: just listening to gorgeous intelligent people ramble about things in good stream-of-consciousness style? This reminds me of a task I did for a psychological testing foundation a few years ago. I had to listen to hundreds of audio tapes of people answering an absurd question, where the goal was to say as many words in three minutes as they possibly could. About half the people just ran out of things to say, and about 5% just could go on about anything indefinitely. There was that 1% who managed to talk fast and have witty/profound thoughts at the same time.

How does one count the number of words a person says? Easy.  I used a metal tapper to tap a plate, and the plate would register the number of taps. We even had to train ourselves to make our tapping speed correspond to the talking speed of the subject.

It would be a trivial matter for me to produce a videoblog, and someday I’ll have to do a post or two. But really, it would just be a weekend thing.







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