8 Nuts a Day for Good Health

Medical research about the health benefits of eating nuts (specifically hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts).

I’ve known about this research before (though not its depth apparently), and I’ve tried eating nuts on occasion. The main problem I’ve had is that the jars or bags I buy don’t seal or are in sizes so big they invite you to overeat. I would love a nut company to sell nuts in more reasonably-sized packages (and NOT peanuts!) Alternatively, I eat a few, and forget to eat the rest, only to have them go rancid. If you eat too many nuts, they don’t settle well in the stomach; I always feel slightly queasy.

Finally, a certain percentage of nut packages have already gone rancid when you buy them. I can’t remember if these packages have dates on them, but don’t hesitate to return them if they taste bad.

This medical reporter offers sensible advice: eat 8 of these nuts a day. That means any container you buy would last for a week or two. Perhaps I could keep the jar in the fridge and count out 8 nuts each day. I’m going to try–will report about how long this idea lasts.

Nuts are filling–even 8 of them. I keep an eye out for nut-based recipes, but as I said, I hate having to buy a $3 jar just to add a Tablespoon of almonds for a recipe. The best thing about nuts is they are portable protein sources–suitable for breakfast, lunch or on the road.

Andrew Weil weighs in on nuts and nutrition.  Here’s some more comprehensive information about walnuts






6 responses to “8 Nuts a Day for Good Health”

  1. Ben Avatar

    It’s so difficult to remember to eat all these healthy snacks when there are so many unhealthy ones about. However I do eat Muesli most mornings and there are quite a lot of nuts in it.

  2. Rhonda Avatar

    My trouble is that I can’t stop at just 8 nuts!

  3. IQ Man Avatar

    Rhonda, I am right there with ya, I can’t do ONLY 8, more like 80…

  4. medical advice Avatar

    You may be interested to know that in May a study showed a link between eating nuts to a lower risk for cancer and various inflammations. I am a huge believer in the health value of nuts – especially the right kind. I preach this to all my patients.

  5. Bill Avatar

    Eating 8 nuts per day would be difficult for me. I’m the type of person that would eat 56 one day and none for the rest of the week! 🙂

  6. Misty Avatar

    Gosh, I’m just like all of you. When it comes to nuts I do really have an addiction. I try to eat just 30 grams, which would be one normal-sized portion consisting of 20-something almonds or hazelnuts, but I can never stop there. I’ve just eaten like more than 40 hazelnuts when I just wanted to have 25. There’s something about them that it so addicting!! It’s such a pain in the neck that they are packed with so many calories!! At least they’re healthy and it’s not the same as eating doughnuts or crisps. Lol, you may get fatter, but you also get benefits for your health 🙂 From now on I think that the first thing I’ll do righ after buying them is to divide them in little portions that I will pack separately. That way I will allow myself to eat just one packed portion and I won’t grab that ‘extra’ nut from the container.

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