Mental Cost of Blogging

There are days when I feel like blogging, days when I don’t.

I have four or five notable things to link/blog about, but honestly, the world would survive if I didn’t blog about it. Sometimes I put it off and never get around to posting about it again.

Occasionally , I have some free time (or more negatively, I face writer’s block), and want to boil off some steam by posting a bit here and there. Often I just add these things to my delicious links. Often I just refer to my digg history (an extremely useful feature). Often I just don’t post at all–especially during the times when other bloggers have done/said more interesting things about a particular area. Easter Lemming Liberal generally offers my daily liberal links; Dwight Silverman et al. offer my general techie/consumer links. And of course there’s teleread.

I used to use bloglines to read my feeds, but now I’m doing something a lot more interesting: netvibes to make a home page of my favorite RSS feeds (don’t forget to add tabs on it). Also, my PDA has a built in feed reader for my longer feeds, or feeds that are more thinky and less linky. (example: Dave Weinberger, Oreilly Radar, Reading Experience, and my current favorite The Useless Tree. I still haven’t gotten a handle on my podcasts, although I am working on that.

So do I blog or don’t I?






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  1. Alberto Balengo Avatar

    I’m a big fan of useless tree too. Almost as good as living in the Far East!

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