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From Easter Lemming, an account of how United Airlines harassed 6 Muslim clerics. Wow, I didn’t realize how blatent all this was.

Saw Jimmy Carter interviewed on Charlie Rose last night. Carter is one of my favorite people, and apparently he wrote a book calling for the Israeli wall to be torn down. Actually, he points out something not obvious to outsiders: the wall is not at the border between Israel and Palestine, but at some points to demarcate certain political possessions. When Carter starts criticizing Israeli settlements and saying that Palestinians were right not to accept a peace treaty without a right of return, that is a clear reason to rethink support of Israel’s stances. Actually, I have a more fundamental disagreement: why should the U.S. be sending military aid to this country?

What are the advantages of reading a book over watching TV?

George Will picks apart Jim Webb’s snub of George W. Bush. (Gary Denton rebukes Will for oversimplifying the situation).

David Rothman announces that Blackmask has turned into Silk Pogoda epublishing house. I make some comments.






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