Flickering Eye for Beauty

at the beach

Originally uploaded by lightpainter.

Flickr Photographers I like: Agnieszka and Lightpainter. Actually, there’s another Vanita who lives in Houston, Texas. I’m sure there are many others.

Agnieszka is a beautiful Polish woman who takes hundreds of self-portraits as well as scenes of her homeland in Kracow. She made a comment on one of my photos of Kracow, and from that point on, I’ve followed her photos in a lazy sort of way. It’s funny to think that a photographer should choose herself as a subject; but young woman always make good subjects, and it’s nice to have a record of this woman’s various transformations. Also, she likes to do closeups of lots of things: Polish pastries, gates, flowers. See her homage to Christmas which is just terrific.

Lightpainter is this Boston photographer who does mainly portraits of models–I’m not sure how he makes his money, but I actually bought one of his photos for an ebook I am producing. Of course, his models are gorgeous, but he has this rare ability to find symmetries and interesting shapes in almost everything.

Vanita is a photographer dear to my heart because she comes in contact with many of the same urban settings that I do. Look at her colors and you will be convinced that Houston is a place of picturesque beauty–and it is–in a way, if you have the right eye. Here’s a photo of Miller Theatre hill , Bookstop , and the Galleria . Here’s some photos of signs (which are distinctive in their own way).

The great thing about flickr and photographers is that photographers keep on taking photos; it’s an addiction; every week there’s a few more photos added to the pile.






2 responses to “Flickering Eye for Beauty”

  1. Krakow hotels Avatar

    I like Agnieszka’s portraits, she’s great.

    P.S There’s no “c” in word “Krakow” :]

  2. Trilastin Avatar

    I agree Agnieszka is amazing. I admire a woman who has the self confidence to make herself the subject. With the poor body image too many young women have nowadays it is truly refreshing.

    Great blog,


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