Jamendo: p2p + tipjars…finally!

Well, it finally happened. Someone finally took my idea for p2p mp3 sharing + tipjars and ran with it. Jamendo lets you listen to songs and then download via emule or bittorrent the entire album. Suddenly, it’s become a lot easier to listen and download music without fear of consequences.

(I’ll try it out and report back soon). It’s been almost a year since I’ve seriously sought new music. I downloaded a buttload in 2002, and then a buttload in 2003-4 (when I wrote the aforelinked essay). I downloaded a little bit in 2005 (mostly archive.org stuff), but mostly I’ve been catching up. In 2006 I started checking out lots of cd’s from the library and making personal copies for myself. Somewhat cumbersome, but at least I can say I did it without using the infernal p2p networks. Now it’s time to vary my musical tastes again.

One commenter compared it to magnatunes (which is good, but not terrific). Another compared to icompositions.com

On a related note, I’ve been listening to windows media player 11 and have found it versatile for organizing music and videos. I haven’t liked previous versions, but this is the first one that seems easy to use and customize.



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