Where do you find funny?

Here’s a hilarious mp3 rant by Harlan Ellison. Contains several strange/offensive rants, a story about sending a dead gopher to his publisher and some bizzare jokes. Lots of profanity/offcolor humor. From the Agony Column podcast.

Funny Southpark song. Definitely Not safe for work!

The Dildo Song (parody music video, NSFW lyrics although the visuals are completely innocent.

A more philosophical question: where on the Net do you go just for laughs? For a while, I used to visit Onion, then Youtube (obviously), then Fark (for a while) and now I get my chuckles from reading snarky blog comments.

Ok, let’s turn this into an ordered list!

  1. Dullest blog in the world, pretty much what it says. Not updated often unfortunately.
  2. Uncylopedia (a parody of wikipedia). My faves:
  3. How to Learn Swedish in 100 Easy Lessons (gay, Europe)
  4. Mr. Sun, science-humor guy with lots of funny charts.
  5. This Modern World (political)
  6. Barney’s Blog (TV sitcom tie-in)
  7. Neil Pollack (parenting)
  8. Rahoi (wacky Asian photos)
  9. This is Broken (Usability/Web design)
  10. funny flickr photos
  11. BookNinja (literary humor)
  12. David Dylan Thomas (crazy movie reviews)
  13. Dilbert blog (this guy’s web traffic is incredible!)

Oddly, even though I greatly enjoy all these blogs, I rarely check them out. It’s one of those things where I never bothered to make a list of favorite funny blogs before.

Question for the Day: What websites do you go for humor?

Here’s my humor category in my blog







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