How to Know You are a True Geek….

an extremely long thread on the Dell axim site. My fave: “. . . you don’t get settled into your hotel room until you’ve checked the WiFi signal . . .”

An Axim user compares the Axim PDA with the iPhone and finds that the 2 year old Axim still wins.

Some diabolical PDA people have created an iphone parody skin:


And yes, Apple sent a cease-and-desist letter, saying the wrath of God will rain upon you for daring to do such a thing.

All I have to say is: Apple, lighten up. It’s only a skin. If you didn’t want people to parody your skins, don’t put screenshots on the Net. It’s that simple.

(here’s a description of how the person created a custom skin with CLaunch for the Today screen).

Yes, it is true. I will be buying another Dell Axim. Story at 11.






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