Just Wondering…

Tradition aside, why don’t the Oscars consider straight-to-DVD releases?(See this article by Manohla Dargolis).

Isn’t it about time that Netflix or Blockbuster announce their own awards ceremony and bypass the ludicrous requirements and politics of the Oscars?

Last week I went to the movie theatre for the first time in a year, seeing the utterly mediocre Pan in Labyrinth. Ten minutes before the movie started, I wandered throughout the multiplex, peeking in at various movies. Dreamgirls (formulaic), Casino Royale (clever and stylish but also formulaic), Apocaplypto (laughingly bad, though the moment I saw involved a hot actress), Good Shepherd (took itself way too seriously as highbrow entertainment), several other action films I couldn’t make head or tail of, and one senselessly violent teen/ghetto flick. The only film that looked mildly interesting was Happily N’Ever After–which was apparently blasted by critics. Read this slamming review by NYT critic Matt Soller Seitz:

Potentially lively backup characters — kindly sous-chefs in toadstool-shape hats; bipedal wolves with “Sopranos” accents; plump butch witches on jet-propelled brooms — get stuck with the usual options: Serve the pretty ones or get lost.

Root for the stepmom.







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