Moments of Internet Hilarity

Two random moments.

Since I’ve been posting more regularly on wikipedia, I decided to create a user page. It is 8 lines long, linking to my weblog and my weblog post about Notability and Wikipedia. Yesterday the User page was marked for deletion because of their Vanity/Notability policy. Now I know for a fact it is allowed; requirements are much more lax for user pages, as long as you don’t print obscenity or whatever. I cited the necessary policy and took a look at the user page of the fellow who applied the Delete rule on me. Observations:

  1. He has a picture of a monkey on his User page
  2. He writes articles on Jewish history (nothing wrong with that I guess. Still, it’s a little unusual).
  3. On his user page he has created subpages for travels, funny vandalism, and puts links to religious beliefs on the bottom of his User page. Again, nothing wrong with that, but it’s the sort of quirky irrelevance that he is trying to suppress on other people’s pages.

Update: the proposed deletion has been overruled!

Second thing. While referring to an old article I published on blogcritics, I noticed that blogcritics put a prominent video ad promoting Nothing wrong with that. Blogcritics has always been good at monetizing content. Well, the video ad shows a young busty girl in a T-shirt flirting at the camera, sitting down, leaning over and walking around. She has a delightful smile and –let’s be honest–is way out of my league and age range. She spends half of the video clip rearranging her hair and staring wistfully at the invisible male in her audience. It is…yes…intoxicating.

I’ve been writing for a long time. I have a pretty wild imagination and consider myself a visionary about what the Net is turning out to be. But in my wildest dreams I never confessed that my highbrow essays on culture and literature would be accompanied by moving videos of restless nubile girls moving around and combing their hair. (I’m including screenshots, but the actual webpage–if the ad is still showing–just is hypnotizing).





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One response to “Moments of Internet Hilarity”

  1. bowerbird Avatar

    um, robert, maybe it’s time
    for you to go out on a date,
    you know, with a real girl…

    i’m just saying… ;+)


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