Stop sucking up my bandwidth, you donut-loving bastards!

Just out of curiosity, I checked my webserver logs. I’ve been meaning to update my logs (and use google analytics) when I switch hosting providers, but in the meantime I check my stats once every six months.

My domain has about 2000 unique visitors a month (that includes pages other than my weblog). My main weblog URL comprises about 60% of the traffic (which makes sense, although I thought it might be higher). I have other random pages still online, nothing much, but here’s where the rest of the bandwidth goes.

One 20% goes to a weblog I maintain for a volunteer organization. It’s one of those thankless duties you should never get sucked into. The people are always complaining, and then always demanding that you fix things in a prompt fashion. More importantly, the people refuse to learn how to post on a weblog (hey, it’s a weblog! it’s supposed to be easy to post!), so they forward announcements to me, expecting me to post there. Sounds easy enough, except it always is a pain to do. Then they don’t use or promote the site, but apparently the spambots do. A few months ago I changed from a regular URL to a custom domain, and ended up replicating the DB. Now I can’t remember which DB is which. I need to delete one or the two databases, but which?

My solution? Do nothing and wait a few weeks until I do the migration. (BTW, the migration will let me deploy the lit community site I’ve been talking about. It will be on, and I expect to have an empty CMS up there in a week or so.

Then, it turns out my other bandwidth suck (averaging about 6%) are random images which myspace members are linking to without downloading a local file. (I read a digg post which I’ll NOT link to about someone who wrote a script to feed the the obscene GOATSE image to people who stole his bandwidth through pictures. That’s clever, but draconian. I don’t hate these guys; I’ve done this myself once or twice. So basically I’m going to do nothing until I migrate.

In the meantime, for the benefit of bloggers who actually care about ME ME ME, here’s the link to the donut picture everyone loves. I'm not giving good alt tags for this bandwidth sucker! . And by the way, I thought the article I wrote accompanying it was great). Here’s the last line:

If you are at a meeting with 5 people or less and you are completely lost, ask a lot of questions. If you are at a meeting with 10 people or more and are completely lost, say nothing throughout the meeting and try to take good notes. Then later on, take a colleague aside and ask him/her to explain what the hell everyone was talking about.



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