David Dylan Thomas on the Oscars

David Dylan Thomas has fun predicting the outcome of the Oscars. Part One,  Part Two, and Part Three (By the weekend, I expect there to be two more parts).  (Here’s his other light-hearted reviews and essays at blogcritics).  I run into him at South by Southwest and now the habit of seeking his predictions/commentary about the spectacle is a yearly ritual.

Given the fact that I have seen exactly one film at the theatre (Pan’s Labyrinth) and didn’t like it, I can’t have intelligent opinions. (I will concede that it had amazing sets, art direction  and cinematography though). Interestingly, I saw this instead of Children of Men, which I really wanted to see. Also, I sneaked a peek at Dreamgirls, Apocalypto, Casino Royale while at the same theatre.

To be fair, I heard tidbits of the Al Gore thing at Blockbuster and Walmart (!), so I guess that’s as good as watching it.  (Also, I saw “My Country, My Country,” on Frontline, which was excellent).






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