Ideas for Podcast Names: Help Please!

I’m starting a podcast very soon. Starts first week of March. Anyone have ideas for names? Here’s what it is:

  • one story a week
  • about 2/3 will be original stories; 1/3 will be dramatized telling of public domain stories.
  • About 1/3 of the stories will be short stories (the kind you find in a magazine); 1/3 will be live performances; 1/3 will be original poetry
  • not against genre fiction per se, but not big fan of it either. Probably an important quality is that the story have an “oral quality,” though I don’t expect storytellers to be super polished performers.
  • About 2/3 will be Texas storytellers (not out of any conscious design, simply that I know more writers/storytellers in my homestate than elsewhere).
  • In fact I will remain flexible about format and subject matter; I will contribute some stories, but most of the stories will be by other people.
  • Everything will Creative Commons By-NC.

The URL will be Personville Story Network

I prepared a more complete description on my Podcastflyer (PDF).

Name ideas. Remember that it will still reside at the URL above. Also, it must be a phrase unusual enough that it is memorable and easy to google but also easy to spell.

  • Blah Blah Blah
  • Personville Story Network (I’m voting for this one. Personville is an obscure Texas town)
  • Imaginary Planet
  • (some obscure and easy to spell literary allusion)
  • Not Kafka (I like this one, though it’s not really descriptive)
  • some oblique but not-too-obvious reference to Texas.
  • Some stupid phrase that lit types are likely to find meaningful.






2 responses to “Ideas for Podcast Names: Help Please!”

  1. g Avatar

    That sounds GAY dude…

  2. Sarah Avatar

    Hmm. Maybe you should use something like…

    A Little Piece of Heaven. Reffering to Texas, and its creative-ish.

    Or you could use something like..
    Litcast. Literary Podcast.

    Whatever you want is cool! Its anything that you think would be interesting.

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