Hardware Update: Dell Axim X51v

Well, I bought a Dell Axim X51. You may remember I used to have a Dell Axim X50, but my robbers took it from me . I already have a Nokia 770, and I somewhat enjoy it (especially the RSS reader, FBReader  and browser), but other things about it annoyed me. It was not easy to sync things with a Windows desktop, I couldn’t get the ssh shell to work (although honestly, I never got back with it), contacts didn’t import and I couldn’t sync my calendar.  I bought the Dell Axim mainly to test Pocket PC ebook readers, but also to use it as a portable skype phone whenever I am around wifi. That really excites me.

I was floored by how nicely  Pocket Outlook works with contacts and schedule. Also, I really missed the password saver application (which I paid money for, but was well worth it). Nokia 770 just doesn’t have a mature application for that yet.  Sounds stupid, but I really needed that.

The list price for the top of the line Dell PDA was $399. But then there are add ons.  You have to make sure you check all the Sales bundles on the startoff page. I found one which was incredible. So for $474 I got:

  1. bump up to 2 years warranty instead of 1
  2. free bluetooth keyboard
  3. 2 gig SD memory card
  4.  free video game
  5.  other things which I bought a la carte: pack of 3 styluses, Wifi Companion Software

I am delighted at that bundle. (and by the way I bought a battery upgrade and a case at aximcases.com). I actually have leftover software licenses from my last Axim, so I expect to be able to get it up and running soon (it took several months for me to figure out my first Dell Axim).

(I have yet to buy a bluetooth headset, which you need to use  skype. I forgot what I’m supposed to buy).

Amazingly, the turnaround was less than 24 hours, but Dell could not give me an estimated delivery date before I made  the transaction. Funny, I can get one for a $10 book purchase on amazon, but not a $500 order on Dell. What’s wrong with that?







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  1. Dmitry Avatar

    A nice password manager with form autocomplete can be found here: http://pieff.desofto.com

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