Turkey will win Eurovision

You may remember my previous prediction that Turkey’s singer will win Eurovision this year. However, it is my fervent hope that Verka Serduchka of Ukraine win with his wacky song Dancing:

Here’s his song Gop Gop Gop:

See also Pirojok, Tuk tuk Tuk

Russia’s Serebro has a good song, but it looks too much like Britney Spears slick bubble gum pop. (I did like their stylish video though!)

Looking through Youtube, I see a video by my favorite Albanian singer, Eli Fara. She had a mysterious almost haunting voice. Here is an example of how her voice sounds on her youtube video. That was in 1987; she has aged incredibly well. She looks like a pop star now. (Here is her video at a 2006 Chicago performance–she is having so much fun!). BTW, this is one of the worst video jobs I’ve seen!

Remember that occasionally a Eurovision winner can be tremendously talented! (not from eurovision, but still an awesome performance that won eurovision).

(After watching Bjork on SNL, I still can’t decide whether she’s actually talented or just a bohemian phenomena (see this incredible video for what I mean).






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