Al Gore at Charlie Rose

Great one hour interview with Al Gore on Charlie Rose. It’s amazing how much exposure Al Gore has received recently on mainstream media. I’m beginning to think the only way a political figure can get airtime on MSM is to publish a book with a big publisher. Al Gore has the Midas touch right now. Apart from political ideology, it makes sense for Bush to hitch his star with Gore. Given Gore’s popularity, Bush could invite him to the White House to give his presentation, to head some task force. Republican diehards would object, but Bush’s popularity ratings would soar.

I’m not a huge fan of Charlie Rose (they need to declare a moratorium on shows with Michael Beschloss; and by the way, can their decision not to put name captions onscreen be more annoying), but he’s hard some superlative shows recently. For anyone who has the time, Wednesday’s discussion about the legacy of Sigmund Freud (with a roundtable of eminent neurologists and psychiatrists) was amazing.

I would actually considering paying a small sum to have CR as a podcast; unfortunately the content seems to be wrapped up in DRM.






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