Stylus Magazine’s 100 Best Music Vids (and mine)

Stylus Magazine’s 100 Best Music Videos of All Time. There were some surprising choices, way too much Gondry (and I love Gondry), some blatant oversights, but hey, it’s just a list. This thread will keep a running list of my favorite music vids. I won’t link to them. (You can youtube them). Offhandedly, I can’t remember a lot of titles, but I’ll add to this over time. (see also: my youtube faves and Gondry music vids)

  1. Madonna Ray of Light
  2. REM, Everybody Hurts
  3. Fantastic Plastic Machine, Please Mr. Salesman
  4. Bjork, Human Behavior
  5. Talking Heads, Once in a Lifetime.
  6. Pretty Fly for a White Boy,
  7. Wrong Way
  8. Selena, No me Queda Mas (gorgeous and filmed in San Antonio!)
  9. Chemical Brothers, Let Forever be (gondry)
  10. A-Ha, Take on Me
  11. Moby, We are All Made of Stars
  12. Elena Apina, (forgot title,sorry).
  13. Kristin Hersch, Your Ghost
  14. Carpenters, I need to be in love
  15. Semisonic, Closing Time
  16. Smash Mouth, Walkin’ on the Sun
  17. Praise You, Fatboy Slim
  18. I just want to take a moment to say how much I have hated every single one of Michael Jackson’s videos!
  19. Chaiya Chaiya, amazing bollywood video shot with dancers atop a moving train!
  20. Kylie Minogue – Can’t Get You Out Of My Head
  21. Anything by Wierd Al Yankovic, esp smells like Teen Spirit, It’s all about the pentiums
  22. Rodney Dangerfeild, No Respect






3 responses to “Stylus Magazine’s 100 Best Music Vids (and mine)”

  1. Jim Thompson Avatar

    I don’t watch music vids any more, and can hardly remember the ones I once watched. But I do remember the best: it was easily the Talking Heads Once in a Lifetime. Not only a great song, but one of the awesomest videos ever. David Byrne is not of this planet, and that video is proof.

    I also like A-ha’s Take on Me, Bow-Wow-Wow’s I want Candy, Squeeze’s Tempted, REM’s Losing my Religion, and any number of vids from when MTV was MTV.

  2. Jim Thompson Avatar

    Oh yeah… it’s not actually a video, but I just love that clip of Costello and the Attractions on Saturday Night Live, interrupting Watching the Detectives to play Radio, Radio as a kind of protest. You don’t see that kind of moment on TV any more.

    Wonderful radio, marvelous radio, wonderful radio, radio, radio

  3. rjnagle Avatar

    Love that vid. Of course, the golden age of music video is almost over. Now the Youtube age is all about musicians writing the song and letting the audience create the video.

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