Here are my tools: Off to Make some Websites!

For the next month I’ll be making and designing several websites (at the same time I’ll be looking for a job).

Here are the tools I currently use:

  1. Notetab Pro text editor. Highly recommended, but not enough key shortcuts to make me happy.
  2. Oxygen XML Editor (also for XSLT). Highly recommended, but I haven’t done as much advanced work in it as I thought I would. Good from the data side, but lacking in the WYSIWIG/XSL side.
  3. Stylemaster CSS Editor. Highly recommended CSS editor. In fact, when I tried it out, I realized I no longer needed a heavy duty HTML editor.
  4. Gimp (graphics). This does basic graphic work, but I haven’t used it for many advanced functions. However, Akkana Peck’s great Beginning Gimp guide makes me feel ready to master anything.
  5. Audacity (audio editor). This great and easy audio editor is what I’m using for podcasts.
  6. Macromedia Captivate. I use this for screencasts/instructional videos. I’ve also heard that Camstudio is great, although I haven’t tried it.
  7. Wing IDE Python Editor. I’m still a novice to python, but I’ll be using it for my plone site.
  8. Open Office/MS Office. Mainly for presentations and binary formats which can be converted to ebooks.

Here are some tools I hope to master soon.

  1. Microsoft’s Expression Web. I’ve heard good things about it, and I’d like to see if a more design-oriented web editor would help. (I’m downloading a trial version) Also, they have some ability to render xml pages into xsl, something worth checking out.
  2. Adobe Indesign C3. I’ve been told this product lets you produce .epub formats (the universal ebook format) easily. Chances are I won’t be able to afford a fully licensed copy, but I’d like to see if it is in fact cool.
  3. Vegas Non Linear Editor. I have a fully licensed copy which I’ve never used (it’s a long story). I’d like to play with this very soon.
  4. Scribus. This open source desktop publishing program has lots of features and works across platforms.
  5. Microsoft Publisher 2003. Not a big deal, but I’d like to say I’ve gotten a few MS Publisher documents under my belt.
  6. S5. I’ve always wanted to make a presentation using S5. Sounds easy, but I just want to sit down and do it.
  7. Other Silverlight tools from Microsoft. Lord only knows if Silverlight is going to take off as a platform. But it would be nice to have some way to do rich media applications without being dependent on the Adobe toolchain. I don’t want to turn into a .net developer wannabee. However, these tools seem a little cheaper and slicker than the Adobe suite of products.
  8. XMLMind  Xml Editor. A xml editor recommended for producing docbook and DITA files.

Have I mentioned that I’m looking for work? Really, though, I’d like to brush up on some of these tools while I’m looking for fulltime work. My main focus will be on XSLT for ebooks, web design and plone development (anticipating the 3.0 release). Actually, it will be fun.






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