How to free up several gigs of storage on your laptop

I’ve been having problems managing storage space on my laptop. When I try recording in Audacity, I keep running out (and I’m guessing that the memory swapping is causing a freeze.

I have 2 gigs of RAM, but I’ve been running around with less than a 1 gig of free HD space.

Start –> Accessories –> System Tools –> Disk Cleanup –> More options
On the System Restore option, choose Clean Up. don’t use Restore Points, so I really don’t need them.

Also from the Disk Cleanup tab, delete temp files. That freed up 4 gigs of free space. (And  leaves me with 2 gigs of audio files in my audio directory which I can choose to delete).

I still can’t figure out where all the storage space went (I have 20 gigs total).  But given that you can easily use 1 gig of memory on an hour’s worth of audio recording, that’s a reason to play on the safe side.






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