Importing OPML files into PDA (not the whole thing, please!)

Can I ask for something? I am having to transfer my OPML files into RSS readers in portable devices. This has been happening often. I can export OPML files from netvibes or bloglines. The problem is I almost never want to import ALL my RSS feeds. I have a thousand or so in bloglines, 200 in netvibes. Does anyone know of an application that lets you pick and choose RSS feeds to be included in the OPML file. I hate having to edit these things manually.

It’s as if it never occurred to these Newsfeed software developers that users might not want every RSS feed on their portable device. Portable devices have limited RAM and storage. Also, there are reasons we might wish to have certain feeds in our OPML reader.

In other news, I am going to try out Iliad Software’s Newsbreak feed reader. My hope is that they have a PC syncer which affords you a better interface for managing feeds.

Update: I have since learned that Newsbreak lets you pick and choose which of the XML foods you want to include on your PDA reader. Sweet!







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