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Matt Cutts on how to determine whether to do an audio or video podcast: head over to the site and submit your photo. If you’re a 7 or above, do a video podcast. If you’re a 6 or below, stick to audio podcasts. (by the way, I’ll probably be doing video tutorials very soon!)

I’ve actually been researching seo and wordpress. Here’s a small list I’ve gathered so far of the most notable sources:

I have discovered several interesting things. First, Google tends to regard as “suspicious” inbound links that come from domains with the same IP address. Second, google is excluding duplicate content –like Weblog Archives and Category Listing of Content. The All-in-one SEO WordPress plugin even offers options to exclude these links by default. Third, SEO is time-consuming and a pain in the butt. My head hurt just thinking about it. Frankly, thinking you can outsmart google is generally going to be  a losing proposition.






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  1. Doug Avatar

    They can call them whatever they’d like, as long as they help my visitors find what they want and they share some money with me!


    Thanks for the mention!

  2. Lukas Avatar

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