Found some great links (but not sharing them)

I’ve been blogging too long to be easily impressed by bloggers (popular or obscure). But two bloggers that have bowled me over recently have been Out of the Woods Now (a bilingual South American literary blog) and Amit Agarwal’s Digital Inspiration blog (generic practical geekiness,  Lifehacker but better). These two blogs fit exactly in my blogging space, and yet I have rarely stumbled upon them before.  I have looked at several posts by both bloggers –in fact, I have a dozen or so tabs open from these bloggers, but am too lazy to blog about them here. Have you ever  had days when blogging just seems too much of a burden (even though in your mind you know it requires next to no intellectual effort at all)?

My  laziness should never be underestimated.

You know you’re a blogger when….you’re sitting in the middle of the night watching a meteor shower. And the only thing you can think about is, “How can I blog about this tomorrow?”






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  1. Gary Denton Avatar

    When I find myself getting too tired to blog I’ll send a shortcut to my desktop hoping I’ll do something with it later.

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