SXSW Panel Picker

Oops, I forgot to submit a panel idea to South by Southwest 2008. (I was doing to do something about ebooks, reading, etc). You can vote on the panels here.

That’s okay. It wouldn’t have gotten picked anyway (it’s far more fun being in the audience anyway).

However, I’m working on a really interesting presentation/panel for tomorrow’s Bar Camp Houston.

Observation: with the open nomination system, I’ve noticed an awful lot of proposals from people working at big companies, especially Dell. When I attended SXSW in 2002-3, I barely came across anybody from Dell (which was strange of course, because they are a gigantic employer in Austin). This year, there are lots of panel ideas by Dell people.

I can’t predict whether I’ll attend SXSW (I probably will), but I was toying around with the idea of attending a conference outside my area (Pubcon is one example). I remember attending a smaller game conference in Austin and found it terrifc.







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