Teenage Girls Promote Music Videos

Nagle’s Rule of Music Videos

The karaoke versions produced by teenage girls become more famous than the original versions. I don’t particularly like either version of the song, but the amateur version is much more interesting to look at.

Here’s another student music video of Touch and Go’s “Would You Go to Bed with Me?” ( an outstanding song, by the way–love that trumpet!). (The reference is to this psychology experiment).

I hope this doesn’t sound glib or sexist, but it seems to me that if you want to create viral marketing buzz, record labels could go to girl’s colleges or high schools and offer $1000 prize for the girl (s) who made the best music promotion video.

(On the other hand, with the abundance of free youtube talent, it almost seems pointless to be a music label these days).

Jimmy Kimmel interviews Chris Crocker (the crying man who defends Britney Spears). “You’re putting words in my mouth, and that’s not what I want you to put in my mouth.”






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