Consumer’s Guide to Retail Carbon Offset Providers (PDF). To Summarize:

  • Buying an offset does not solve the problem if you continue your lifestyle. You can’t buy an indulgence.
  • Different carbon offset companies have different ways of measuring and different ways of offsetting carbon. (See this article by Andrew Revkin).

Based on the ratings, it looks like Climate Trust and Native Energy are the best providers in US.

Wow, it looks like a consumer-guide is a secured read-only document, meaning you can’t copy excerpts of it into a weblog post like this. Way to go!

Update: Matt alerts me to a good information/rating site about carbon offsets. Thanks, Matt!







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  1. matt Avatar

    There are a lot of good offset providers with good projects. You really need to do your research and compair the different providers. My blog discusses carbon offsetting and rates the providers, check it out here

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