Huckabee’s letter to a rapist

Seasoned veteran Murray Waas thoroughly refutes Huckabee’s denial he interviewed in the Wayne Dumond case.  This is a sad case, and I don’t think we should crucify public officials for making a bad call on a parole case (Given the number of people in prison, it’s bound to happen). At least I can appreciate a politician’s effort to intervene in a sentencing when certain facts have come to light which weren’t considered in the initial sentencing. (In this case, it was the castration). What’s disturbing is how susceptible the whole process seems to be to political influence. Also, I feel a little creeped out that Mike Huckabee was sending letters to convicted murderers and rapists. 

Based on anecdotal evidence from Texas, I have heard it is practically impossible to dissuade parole boards from anything. Maybe this problem wouldn’t be so bad if we had better funding for public defenders to do these kinds of investigations at the time of trial and sentencing.






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  1. Gary Denton Avatar

    Wellll, except the only reason Huckabee intervened was he was suffering from Deranged Clinton Hater Syndrome and was told by fellow sufferers that Dumond must have done nothing wrong.

    Yeah, I like to see more compassion from public officials but sometimes they are just stupid.

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